Internship Log

In order to earn academic credit for your internship, you must keep a log of your internship activities. The log consists of three parts: a summary of jobs done, a discussion of your host organization's communication, and the raw data record.

Job Description Summary

This part, WHICH MUST BE TYPED, consists of a summary (3-6 pages typically) of your job activities. Each aspect of  your job must be covered in a separate section of the report. For example, an intern at one of the Fayetteville television stations would write a summary with five sections that looks something like this (in outline form):

  1. Introduction
  2. Editing
  3. Taping
  4. Camera Work
  5. Other duties

Certainly the sections depend on the job; this outline is only an example. The important thing is to give each duty an individual heading. Mere listing is not enough. Show not only what you did, but also how it works and relates to other aspects of the job. One final word about this section – be concise. If you can concisely cover the aspects of your internship in three pages, that is acceptable. Others might take six or seven pages. Do not ramble for 15 pages.

Internal Communication Summary 

This part, WHICH MUST BE TYPED, is a discussion of the communication at the place you interned. Again, adequacy and conciseness are important. The length of this section may vary, but be sure to give more than a superficial view (i.e., "It was nice; everyone got along fine. Nobody lost their temper and everyone understood things perfectly the first time"). In this section, discuss the way conflicts are caused and handled; the way information is processed through the organization, what type of feedback, if any, is present, and other things you have learned in your communication courses. Indeed, this section is designed to have you illustrate your job experiences using ideas, concepts, theories, and solutions from your communication classes.

Raw Data & Weekly Observations

This part does not have to be typed. It is composed from your notes of your activity. This can be broken down either day-to-day or on a weekly basis. The diary should be a series of paragraphs that describe internship activities.

The log is not difficult. It is the same as any project you undertake while in college. The amount of work put into it influences what you gain from the internship experience.  A word of advice: DO A GOOD JOB ON THIS. BE NEAT IN THE TYPING (PROOFREAD IT) AND BE GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT IN YOUR WRITING (CONSULT A DICTIONARY) BECAUSE THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT. Portions of this may be shown to future employers. A neat, well-done log will make a very favorable first impression with many employers. In these days of increased job competition, every little edge helps.