Joseph D. Candido

Joseph D. Candido


J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-4301

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Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, Drama

Ph.D. Indiana University


  • Ed. “King John”: The Critical Tradition (Athlone, 1996)
  • Ed. Value and Vision in American Literature (Ohio, 1999)
  • Ed.  The Text, the Play, and the Globe: Essays on Literary Influence in Shakespeare’s World and His Work in Honor of Charles R. Forker.  (Fairleigh Dickinson/Rowman and Littlefield, 2016).
  • “Henry V”: An Annotated Bibliography (Garland, 1983); with Charles R. Forker
  • “Richard II,” “Henry IVI and II, & “Henry V”: An Annotated Bibliography of Shakespeare Studies 1777-1997 (Pegasus, 1997)


  • In Anglia
  • Cahiers Élisabéthains
  • Early Theatre
  • English Language Notes
  • English Studies
  • Notes and Queries
  • Philological Quarterly
  • Religion and the Arts
  • SEL: Studies in English Literature
  • Shakespeare Quarterly
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Studies in American Fiction
  • Studies in Philology
  • Texas Studies in Literature and Language, and elsewhere

Book Chapters:

  • In “King John”: New Perspectives (Delaware, 1989)
  • Shakespeare’s Histories: A Quest for Form and Genre (MRTS, 1996)
  • Approaches to Teaching English Renaissance Drama (MLA, 2002)
  • Shakespeare’s Second Historical Tetralogy: Some Christian Features (Locust Hill, 2004)
  • “Julius Caesar”: Critical Essays (Routledge, 2004)
  • Reconciliation in Selected Shakespearean Dramas (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008)
  • Shakespeare the Man: New Decipherings (Fairleigh Dickinson Press/Rowman & Littlefield, 2014), and elsewhere


  • In Early Theatre
  • Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England
  • Rocky Mountain Review
  • Renaissance Quarterly
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Shakespeare Yearbook
  • South Central Review, and elsewhere