SISTA: Students Involved in Sustaining Their Arkansas

  • In collaboration with the Arkansas Environmental and Spatial Technologies (EAST) Initiative, high school junior will apply to become SISTA Fellows.
  • SISTA fellows, supported by University of Arkansas mentors, spend a year developing proposals for projects that will invigorate, revitalize, or sustain their home communities.

The Community Literacy Advocacy Project

Working with a local partner, the Brown Chair supports activities in which citizens from all walks of life can read and write in new, effective ways.

  • The ongoing Augusta Community Literacy Advocacy project has sponsored projects involving elementary and high school students, churches, the public library, parents, and veterans' organizations.
  • Communities of all sizes can work together to enrich the quality of life by emphasizing the power of reading and writing to open doors for all people.

Arkansas Studio Project

University of Arkansas students, most preparing to become teachers, work as mentors in after-school literacy-enrichment programs in middle and junior high schools in Fayetteville, Springdale, and Rogers.

  • Three afternoons a week, University of Arkansas students work with middle and junior high schoolers on projects that focus on the arts, creative writing, and creative drama.
  • Middle and junior high school students produce work that is published or performed for parents and the community.
  • University of Arkansas mentors assist teachers with literacy-rich projects in their classes during the school day.

Team Shakespeare

High school students from throughout Arkansas study a Shakespeare play through discussion, creative writing, and creative drama, eventually producing their own play based on the Bard's themes and motifs.

  • The Brown Chair, working with Trike Theatre, sponsors Shakespeare residencies in high schools and two-day Team Shakespeare workshops during Spring Break.
  • Team Shakespeare is complemented by a full-length traveling production of a Shakespeare play, performed by professional actors from Northwest Arkansas and throughout the state.