English Literature and Writing Living and Learning Community

Why join the English Literature and Writing LLC?

Members of the English Literature and Writing Living and Learning Community (ELWLLC) will plug into the vibrant community of scholars and writers at the University of Arkansas and in Fayetteville at large.

The ELWLLC will provide a more personal experience with the faculty and the opportunity to study a diverse range of literature and culture.

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You will receive individualized mentoring and support as you explore your academic passions and possible career paths. You will be invited to social events organized with English majors in mind, as well as workshops and presentations about literature, publishing, graduate school, and other topics important to you. You will become masters of metaphor and heroes of hyperbole.

Choose this LLC if:

  • You want to study literature, writing, and popular culture.
  • You want to connect with others who enjoy the study of diverse cultures and the art of storytelling.
  • You want to share your passion for reading and writing with your peers and the community.
  • You have declared (or are strongly considering) a major or minor in English.


  • Get to know your professors in various settings in and out of the classroom.
  • Build community with other English majors and minors.
  • Receive early career mentoring and professional development for a range of careers.
  • Get first-year priority registration for required English surveys.
  • Receive additional personalized advising.
  • Explore the range of options available under the English major including: literary history and criticism, cultural studies, diverse critical perspectives, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, and technical writing. 

Imagine yourself: 

  • Attending theater performances, films, or readings by famous authors and discussing them in an informal social setting. 
  • Joining reading groups and publishing your writing in student journals and magazines. 
  • Participating in fun presentations about your favorite writers, characters, and works from Shakespeare to Toni Morrison, or from wizards to zombies. 
  • Studying a diverse range of texts and cultures from antiquity to the present. 
  • Believing 6 impossible things before breakfast….

This LLC is open to all majors, freshmen through seniors—though they all must live on campus. English and Writing LLC students will take the two required courses as part of their participation in the LLC. The courses are not pre-requisites to join the LLC. Students who have already taken ENGL 2353 and 2303 may still join, but should contact the LLC Coordinator so that they are not re-enrolled in these courses.

Required Classes

ENGL 2353
Survey of Modern and Contemporary American Literature
(fall semester)

ENGL 2303
Survey of British Literature through the 17th Century 
(spring semester)

Contact Information

Lissette Szwydky-Davis

Contact Lissette Szwydky-Davis, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, for more information.