Dr. Phillip D. Hays

Dr. Phil Hays
Department of Geosciences
29 Gearhart Hall
University of Geosciences
Fayetteville, AR  72701

Phone: (479) 575-7343
FAX: (479) 575-3469


Academic Interests
Dr. Hays pursues research in application of stable isotopes and other geochemical indicators in delineating movement and behavior of contaminants in ground-water systems and in characterizing paleoclimate and paleoenvironment.  In addition, Dr. Hays serves as Ground Water Specialist for the interagency Natural Resources Conservation Service National Water Management Center, providing assistance in ground-water hydrology and geochemistry to U.S. government entities in the U.S. and abroad; this work involves University of Arkansas students in such diverse research areas as mercury contamination in the Guianas Ecoregion, radionuclide contamination in thermal springs of Hot Springs National Park, and salt-marsh restoration in coastal New England.
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International Studies
Suriname and Guyana
  • Development of a comprehensive training program for new National environmental agency departments in Suriname (Geology and Mines Division of the Suriname Minerals Institute) and Guyana (Geology and Mines Commission).
Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil
  • Development of an environmental monitoring program for evaluation of mercury contamination and impact on humans and the local ecosystems of the Guianas Ecoregion Complex, in collaboration with Guianas office of the World Wildlife Federation.
  • Design and implementation the Suriname Center for Technical Excellence—a non-profit organization with the goals of fostering environmentally sound development of natural resources in the Suriname interior.
Puerto Rico
  • Guanica Lagoon restoration and preliminary ground-water flow model design, Lajas Valley, Puerto Rico.
Selected Publications
USGS pubs list:
Geochemical and isotopic variations in shallow groundwater in areas of the Fayetteville shale development, north-central Arkansas
Nathaniel R. Warner, Timothy M. Kresse, Phillip D. Hays, Adrian Down, Jonathan D. Karr, Robert B. Jackson, Avner Vengosh

Shallow Groundwater Quality and Geochemistry in the Fayetteville Shale Gas-Production Area, North-Central Arkansas, 2011
Timothy M. Kresse, Nathaniel R. Warner, Phillip D. Hays, Adrian Down, Avner Vengosh, Robert B. Jackson

Surface complexation modeling for predicting solid phase arsenic concentrations in the sediments of the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer, Arkansas, USA
Md. Salah U. Sharif, Ralph K. Davis, Kenneth F. Steele, Burmshik Kim, Phillip D. Hays, Tim M. Kresse, John A. Fazio

Geochemistry, Comparative Analysis, and Physical and Chemical Characteristics of the Thermal Waters East of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, 2006-09
Timothy M. Kresse and Phillip D. Hays

Distribution and variability of redox zones controlling spatial variability of arsenic in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer, southeastern Arkansas
M.U. Sharif, R.K. Davis, K.F. Steele, B. Kim, P.D. Hays, T.M. Kresse, J.A. Fazio

Influence of Locally Derived Recharge on the Water Quality and Temperature of Springs in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
Richard W. Bell and Phillip D. Hays

Ming-Xing Ling, Fatemeh Sedaghatpour, Fang-Zhen Teng, Phillip D. Hays, Josiah Strauss and Weidong Sun, 2011, Homogeneous magnesium isotopic composition of seawater: an excellent geostandard for Mg isotope analysis, Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2011, 25, 2828–2836, (wileyonlinelibrary.com) DOI: 10.1002/rcm.5172

Knierim, K. J., Pollock, E. D., and Hays, P. D., in review, Using isotopes of dissolved inorganic carbon species and water to separate sources of recharge in a cave spring, northwestern Arkansas: Acta Carsologica, Karst Waters Institute Conference Proceedings on Carbon and Boundaries in Karst, Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Knierim, K. J., Pollock, E. D., and Hays, P. D., in review, Using stable isotopes of carbon to investigate the seasonal variation of carbon in a northwestern Arkansas cave: Journal of Cave and Karst Studies.

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Pollock, E. D., Knierim, K. J., Hays, P. D., 2011, Seasonal carbon dynamics in a northwestern Arkansas cave: linking climate and cave conditions: U. S. Geological Survey Karst Interest Group, Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5020, Fayetteville, Arkansas, p. 37 – 43.