Dr. Christopher Liner

Dr. Christopher Liner
Maurice Storm Endowed Chair
218 Gearhart Hall
Department of Geosciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: 479-575-5667
FAX: 479-575-3469
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Dr. Christopher Liner  
Degrees Ph. D. Colorado School of Mines, Geophysics, 1989
  M.S. University of Tulsa, Geophysics, 1980
  B.S. University of Arkansas, Geology, 1978
Research Interests Unconventional resource plays, reservoir characterization and monitoring for hydrocarbon and CO2 sequestration, advanced seismic interpretation methods, seismic data analysis and processing, near surface geophysics, seismic wave propagation.
Selected Publications and Presentations
1. Li, J. and Liner, Christopher L., 2012, Time-Lapse Seismic Modeling for CO2 Sequestration at the Dickman Oilfield, Ness County, Kansas, submitted to Geophysics (in 2nd revision)
2. Zeng, J., Liner, Christopher L., Geng, P., and King, H., 2012, 3D Geologic modeling toward a site-specific CO2 injection simulation, submitted to AAPG Bulletin
3. Bodmann, B., and Liner, Christopher L., 2012, Spikes, roots and aliasing: recovering bandlimited signals from roots of the short-time Fourier transform, submitted to SIAM
4. Bodmann, B. and Christopher L., 2011, Stable signal recovery from the roots of the short-time Fourier transform, in SPIE proceedings vol. 8138, Wavelets and Sparsity, XIV, Papakakis, M., Van De Ville, D. and Goyal, V., editors. DOI: 10.1117/12.894941
5. Liner, Christopher L., Geng, P., Zeng, J., King, H., and Li, Jintan, 2011, A CO2 sequestration simulation case study in the Dickman Field, Ness Co., Kansas, Society of Petroleum Engineers, paper 145791-PP.
6. Liner, Christopher L., and Bodmann, B., 2010, The Wolf ramp: Reflection characteristics from a transition layer, GEOPHYSICS, 75, no 5, A31-A35
7. Broadhead, M., Liner, Christopher L., Ulrych, T. and Treitel, S., 2009, Predictive deconvolution by frequency domain Wiener filtering, Journal of Seismic Exploration 18, 4
8. Vesnaver, A, Bridle, R., Ley, R., and Liner, Christopher L., 2009, Painting the near surface using geology, geophysics, and satellites, GEOPHYSICS 74, B61
9. Liner, Christopher L., 2008, The seismic sand curve revisited, GEOPHYSICS, 73, A7
10. Fei, T., and Liner C. L., 2008, Hybrid Fourier finite difference 3D depth migration for anisotropic media, Geophysics, GEOPHYSICS, 73, S27
11. Li, C.-F., and Liner C. L., 2008, Wavelet-based detection of singularities in acoustic impedance from surface reflection data, GEOPHYSICS, 73, V1
12. Liner, Christopher L., and Fei, T., 2006, Layer-Induced seismic anisotropy from full wave sonic logs: Theory, application, and validation, GEOPHYSICS, 71, D183
13. Liner, Christopher L., and Clapp, R. G., 2004, Nonlinear pairwise alignment of seismic traces, GEOPHYSICS, 69, 1552
14. Ronen, S. and Liner, Christopher L., 2000, Least-squares DMO and migration, GEOPHYSICS, 65, 1364 71
15. Liner, Christopher L. and Underwood, W. D., 1999, 3-D seismic survey design for linear v(z) media, GEOPHYSICS, 64, 486-493.
16. Liner, Christopher L., 1999, Concepts of normal and dip moveout, GEOPHYSICS, 64, 1637-1647. (Honorable mention for Best Paper)
17. Liner, Christopher L., Bozkurt, G. and Cox, V. D., 1996, Shooting direction and crosswell seismic data acquisition, GEOPHYSICS, 61, 1489-1498.
18. Liner, Christopher L., 1995, Some analytic aspects of a 2.5-D wave equation: GEOPHYSICS, 60, 1536-40
19. Liner, Christopher L., 1994, Rayleigh wave approximations: Journal of Seismic Exploration, 3, 273-81
20. Liner, Christopher L., and Lines, L. R., 1994, Simple prestack migration of crosswell seismic data, Journal of Seismic Exploration, 3, 101-112
21. Liner, Christopher L., 1991, Born theory of wave-equation dip moveout, GEOPHYSICS, 56, 182-189.
22. Liner, Christopher L., 1991, Theory of a 2.5-D acoustic wave equation for constant density media (short note), GEOPHYSICS, 56, 2114-2117.
23. Liner, Christopher L., 1990, General theory and comparative anatomy of dip moveout, GEOPHYSICS, 55, 595-607.
· Elements of Seismic Dispersion: A somewhat practical guide to frequency-dependent phenomena, 2012, SEG (in preparation)
· Elements of 3-D Seismology, 2004, (Pennwell, 2nd edition, 607 p; 1st edition 1999, 450 p)
· Greek Seismology: Earthquake Theories in Classical Antiquity (Samizdat Free Press, 1986; revised 1997)
· World Oil --- What’s New In Exploration
Shale play reserves estimation by Monte Carlo methods
Spectral decomposition and seismic interpretation
The meaning of seismic amplitude
Technology of shale gas plays