Research areas

Geodetics and Crustal Deformation

Geodetics & Crustal Deformation

Crustal deformation and geohazards research led by Dr. Aly

igital photogrammetry and computer vision

Digital Photogrammetry & Computer Vision

Non-traditinal sensor modeling, feature extraction and matching for orientation, surface generation, adjustment models, and integration with enterprise-scale geospatial information systems research led by Dr. Cothren

Clastics research

GeoAI & hazards

Data-driving visualization and advanced ata fusion models, big social data mining, and geospatial analsysi research led by Dr. Huang

Geospatial Interoperability

Geospatial Interoperability

Application of geospatial technologies to archaeology and world heritage research led by Dr. Limp

Remote Sensing & Decision Support

Remote Sensing & Decision Support

Remote sensing and GIS-assisted decision support for ecosystem services and applications of provenance information in GIScience led by Dr. Tullis