Research areas

Climate variability research

Climate variability

Climate studies to address real life issues, including better use of climate information in agriculture, fire prevention and control, water resources and land use planning. Led by Dr. Fernandes

Crustal and Near Surface Geophysics

Crustal & Near Surface Geophysics

Earthquake hazards, geothermal and mineral exploration, and hydrologic research with applied geophysical methods led by Dr. Lamb

Geodetics and Crustal Deformation

Geodetics & Crustal Deformation

Crustal deformation and geohazards research led by Dr. Aly

Groundwater hydrology research

Groundwater hydrology

Groundwater hydrology research on responses to flooding and sea-level rise hazards led by Dr. Befus

Geomorphology and the Critical Zone

Geomorphology & Critical Zone

The science of scenery - how climate, biota, and earth surface processes intersect to shape the Earth. Research led by Dr. Marshall

Hydrologic and climate extremes

Hydrologic & Climate Extremes

Climate modeling group led by Dr. Cheng

Rock Weathering and Architecture

Rock Weathering & Architecture

Intersection of surface processes and human activity research, including the PETRA Project, led by Dr. Paradise