Research areas

Speleophysics Laboratory

Karst & Glacial Hydrology

Hydrogeological and geomorphological process research using a combination of analytical mathematical models, numerical simulations led by Dr. Covington

Geochemistry and contaminants

Geochemistry & Contaminants

Hydrologic applications of stable isotopes and other geochemical indicators research led by Dr. Hays

Groundwater hydrology research

Groundwater hydrology

Groundwater hydrology research and hydrogeophysics with a focus on groundwater-surface water interactions led by Dr. Befus

Hydrologic and climate extremes

Hydrologic & Climate Extremes

Climate modeling group led by Dr. Cheng

Crustal and Near Surface Geophysics

Crustal & Near Surface Geophysics

Earthquake hazards, geothermal and mineral exploration, and hydrologic research with applied geophysical methods led by Dr. Lamb