Soft Rock Geology/Petroleum Geology

GEOS 4053 Geomorphology - students work on field projects on the Red River floodplain in southwestern Arkansas.  They examine aerial photographs to study the geomorphology and cores taken from a variety of fluival environments, natural levees, channel-fill point bars, backswamps, and crevasse splays to interpret the soil development and sedimentation.  Each student writes a research report with their interpretations. Geomorphology is taught by Dr. Margaret Guccione, who has published many papers and presented her work at professional meetings around the world. 

GEOS 4253 Petroleum Geology - students learn the basics of exploration for oil and gas, including well log analysis, seismic interpretation, and use the software used by many in the industry.  Taught by Dr. Doy Zachry.

PETRA RESEARCH - Since the 1990s, the University of Arkansas’ Department of Geosciences has been involved with one of the longest-running projects in Petra, Jordan.  Petra represents one of the most interesting and unique arid landscapes and cities on Earth.  From the oldest exposed sandstones on Earth, the ‘rose red’ city half as old as time, its monumental carved architecture, and its famous Bedouin tribes and towns, Petra represents an amazing and ideal field laboratory. In 1986, Petra was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and then in 2007, it was voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World by 20 millions voters – it continues to astonish and fascinate visitors, researchers, and locals alike.

Graduate students in the Department of Geosciences have been active in thesis research in Petra in all the aspects in Petra. Research opportunities include physical studies on petrology, climatology, rock weathering, seismology, desert geomorphology, biogeography, arid sedimentology, and geo-mapping.  Cultural research includes heritage management, tourism studies, Holy land geography, and Nabataean-Roman urban studies and morphology.

The PETRA PROJECT is supervised by Dr. Tom Paradise who has published more than forty papers, chapters, monographs and reports on Petra and its geologic and cultural history.