Earth Science B.S.

Fulbright College offers a major in EARTH SCIENCE BS degree Prospective secondary teachers may plan a program, in cooperation with the College of Education, which will satisfy the teacher licensure requirements. Students interested in environmental problems, teaching earth science in public schools, or wishing to pursue graduate work in either geography or geology will obtain much of the necessary foundation through this degree. Because the program outlined below lists only minimum science requirements, it is expected that most students will use some of their elective credit hours to strengthen their science backgrounds in areas other than geography and geology. These areas of additional study will be determined through consultation between the student and the adviser. Students interested in this major should contact Dr. Jill Marshall.
In addition, all earth science majors must satisfy the senior-level writing requirement as specified by the geosciences department.
Earth Science students going to Summer Field Camp are eligible for scholarship assistance (scholarships listed here)
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