Laurence Hare Jr

Laurence Hare Jr

Associate Professor

Director of International Studies

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-5890

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Dr. Hare serves as director of the International Studies and European Studies programs in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. He earned a Ph.D. in Modern European History from the University of North Carolina and specializes in the intellectual and cultural history of modern Germany and Scandinavia. He is the author of Excavating Nations: Archaeology, Museums, and the German-Danish Borderlands (University of Toronto Press, 2015), which explores the uses of the distant past in the creation of modern nation-states. This book traces the emergence of archaeology in the embattled Schleswig-Holstein border region to reveal how overlapping claims to prehistoric sites and artifacts shaped visions of German and Scandinavian identity. The project was supported by a German Chancellor Fellowship from the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation and recognized with the Aurora Borealis Prize from the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study. 

  • Germany, 1789-1918
  • Germany, 1918-1945
  • Germany since 1945
  • World War II
  • History of the Holocaust
  • Modern Scandinavia
  • Historiography
  • Historical Methods
  • Honors Colloquium:  Intellectual Origins of National Socialism
  • Honors Colloquium:  Opera, Nations, and Empires

Ph.D., History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A., History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A., History and Anthropology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga