Patrick George Williams

Patrick George Williams


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Patrick Williams received his B.A. from the University of Texas and his Ph.D. from Columbia University. He edits the Arkansas Historical Quarterly and is the author of Beyond Redemption: Texas Democrats after Reconstruction (2007). He has published articles in the Journal of Southern History and the Southwestern Historical Quarterly and co-edited A Whole Country in Commotion: The Louisiana Purchase and the American Southwest (2005) with S. Charles Bolton and Jeannie Whayne and I Do Wish this Cruel War Was Over: First Person Accounts of Civil War Arkansas from the Arkansas Historical Quarterly (2014) with Mark K. Christ. He also produces the History Department Newsletter each year.

  • Arkansas and the Southwest
  • Modern America, 1876-1917
  • History of Political Parties in the U.S., 1789-1896
  • History of Political Parties in the U.S. since 1896 

Ph.D., Columbia University

B.A., University of Texas

  • Beyond Redemption: Texas Democrats After Reconstruction

Williams has won Fulbright College‘s Master Teacher Award and in 2009 he was inducted in the University of Arkansas Teaching Academy.