Bachelor of Arts in History

The Department of History at the University of Arkansas is a community of scholars, students, and staff who endeavor to advance public knowledge and understanding of the past through discovery and the dissemination of research through publication, public outreach, and classroom teaching. Faculty expertise spans the globe geographically, with specialists in U.S., European, Latin American, African, Middle Eastern, and Asian history, and it ranges chronologically from ancient times to the present. The mission of the Department of History is to introduce majors to the complexity of the human experience that have been shaped our world, both the unity of that experience and the diversity resulting from such factors as cultural, social, and gender differences. Students are taught to think and work as historians, to read critically and analytically both primary and secondary sources, and to investigate a historical question or problem and communicate the results of that investigation. History majors acquire essential knowledge and critical skills, which provide valuable intellectual assets for employment in a wide variety of careers or advanced study.

For HIST BA degree requirements, see the current Catalog of Studies and visit the Fulbright Advising Center.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Alessandro Brogi