History Major

History Major Checksheet

Requirements for a Major in History:

  • One area studies course (3 hours) from the following:
    AAST 1003, AMST 2003, CLST 1003, CLST 1013, EUST 2013, GNST 2003, JWST 2003, PLSC 2813, LAST 2013, MEST 2013
  • Fulbright writing requirement: Each history major will submit, prior to graduation, a substantial research or analytical paper, with a grade of “A” or “B” from an upper-division history course (3000, 4000, 5000 level) to their departmental adviser. The required senior capstone seminar, HIST 4893, is designed to give history majors the opportunity and guidance to produce a paper to meet the Fulbright College requirement, but students may also submit a paper from another course. Satisfactory completion of an honors thesis will also fulfill this requirement.
  • A World Language up to the Intermediate II (2013) level or higher
  • History Core (5 courses, 15 hours):
    • HIST 1113
      HIST 1123
      HIST 2003
      HIST 2013
      HIST 4893
      HIST 3973H*
      *Honors students take HIST 3973H in lieu of HIST 4893
  • History Electives (8 courses, 24 hours). At least four courses (12 hours) must be numbered 4000 or higher. Students must select at least one course from each of Group 1 (Europe, including Britain and Russia), Group 2 (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Near East, Russia), and Group 3 (United States). See the last page of the check sheet for a complete list.
  • History majors are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take a minor or combined major in one of the following: