Degree Programs

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The School of Journalism and Strategic Media offers an undergraduate degree program with three concentrations (Journalism, Broadcast and Multimedia Storytelling & Production) and the Advertising & PR major. The School also has an interdisciplinary graduate program with three concentrations (Documentary Film, New Narratives, and Strategic Advertising & Public Relations).

The school maintains an enrollment of approximately 700 students with 22 full-time professors and instructors at the helm. SJSM also offers specialty courses from part-time and adjunct faculty. Per accreditation standards, course enrollments stay between 15-20 students for better student-to-faculty ratio. 


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Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program opens doors to careers in radio, TV, newspaper and so much more! Learn what it takes to become a valuable member of the media.

Advertising & PR Major
Multimedia Storytelling & Production


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Graduate Program

The graduate program offers advanced study of journalism for the Master of Arts in Journalism. Students in this program pursue a traditional research thesis, create a documentary film or produce a special thesis project.

Documentary Film
News Narrative
Strategic Advertising & Public Relations



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