Course Descriptions

Journalism Core Courses:

A minimum of 34 semester hours in journalism is required, including:

Course Number Course Title
JOUR 1023 Media and Society
JOUR 1033 Media Writing
JOUR 4333 Ethics
JOUR 3633 Media Law
JOUR 4981
(See advisor for enrollment)
Journalism Writing Requirement

A minimum grade of C is required in all journalism courses that serve as prerequisites for advanced journalism courses. In certain cases, a minimum grade of B is required. Students must select a concentration or major when they enter the journalism school.

Please see the following pages for additional information.

All students are encouraged to take JOUR 402V Internship. (Learn more about internships.)

Some classes with other departments can count as Journalism electives.

Other requirements

  • Fulbright College and the University require certain coursework for all its graduates. See a list of the Fulbright College and University courses here.
  • 40-hour Rule. Students must take at least 40 hours of 3000-level or above courses from any college in the University. Certain 2000-level courses may be counted.
  • 24-hour Rule. Students must take at least 24 hours of 3000-level or above courses in Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 84 hours of classes outside of journalism to graduate.
  • 25% “D”s Rule. Students may not graduate if they have the grade of “D” in more than 25% of their coursework.
  • College Writing Requirement. Journalism students fulfill the writing requirement by completing a research paper in JOUR 4981 during the senior year.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Visit the Undergraduate Course Catalog for the current course listings and prerequisites.

Graduate Students and 4000 / 5000-level courses

Graduate students may take any 4000 or 5000 level course for graduate credit. See the Graduate Catalog for the latest course listings.


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