Degree Requirements

Students in the undergraduate program follow an outline of courses which include “core” courses mandated by the University and Fulbright College, requirements determined by the School of Journalism and Strategic Media, and a number of general electives selected by the student and his/her academic advisor. Journalism and majors frequently select electives in marketing, history, political science, English, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and art.

Fulbright College and University Academic Requirements

To graduate from the University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Journalism or Advertising and Public Relations, students must accumulate a minimum of 120 credit hours. These 120 hours are broken down into courses in the University core, the Fulbright College core, and those in a student’s major. The remaining courses are considered general electives.

  • University core courses: 36 hours
  • Fulbright College core courses: 30-42 hours
  • Journalism or Ad/PR major courses: 38 hours
  • Non-journalism courses for the major: 9 hours, for Ad/PR majors only
  • General electives: 16-22 hours

Important advising information for students seeking to enter the Major in Advertising and Public Relations

There are several important requirements in the Advertising / Public Relations (Ad/PR) that were developed based on analysis of recommendations from professionals in the field, maintaining parity with other Ad/PR programs nationwide, and the performance of students in Ad/PR required courses. There are no exceptions to these requirements.

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The Catalog and graduation requirements

It is generally accepted that students who enter a college within the UA in the academic year of a given catalog may generally expect to follow the graduation requirements set forth by that college in the catalog. Because the faculty of each college reserve the right to change graduation requirements, students should meet with their college advisers regularly to be certain that they are aware of any changes in graduation requirements that may apply to them. The catalog is not a contract with students entering in the catalog year relative to requirements for their chosen degree program. Changes may be made in a degree program that affect students already enrolled in that program. For example, effective in Spring 2001, Ad/PR students must earn a B or better in PR Principles and Ad Principles in order to proceed to senior level Ad/PR classes. This rule applies to all students taking Ad Principles and PR Principles, regardless of when the student may have entered the journalism program.


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