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Renaud, visiting ethics professor
Brent Renaud, the first 2019 Visiting Distinguished Professor of Ethics

Global journalist and documentary filmmaker, Brent Renaud, will bring his storytelling skills to the School of Journalism and Strategic Media this fall semester. Renaud, writer, photographer and Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker, will serve as the visiting distinguished professor for the Center for Ethics in Journalism.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from Renaud as he lectures in journalism classes and showcases his works Sept. 9-13, Oct. 14-18, and Nov. 18-22. As visiting distinguished professor, Renaud will discuss journalism ethical issues he has faced while covering national, and international stories.

He is the first of two Visiting Distinguished Professors of Ethics to lecture at the School of Journalism and Strategic Media. The second VDP, Veronica Molinas of CNN, will visit in November and throughout the upcoming spring semester.

 The Center for Ethics in Journalism of the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at the University of Arkansas’ Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences fosters the study and practice of the journalistic principles of accuracy, fairness and service to the public in editorial/news; in broadcast, radio and television; and in advertising and public relations.

The University of Arkansas Center for Ethics in Journalism will play an integral role in shaping the future of journalism by educating students and professionals on the tenets of ethics, preparing them to employ those principles as a matter of course and teaching them to reach ethical decisions as routine and not exception.

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