Documentary Film - Thesis

Student Films

First Year Documentary Production Films

The Road Less Traveled (2012)

Producers: Brooke Galligan and Gary Morris (Trailer: 1:01)

Tibetan Footprints (2012)

Producer: Luke Gramlich (Trailer: 0:40)

KURM Radio: Soapbox of the Air (2009)

Producers: Hayot Tuychiev, Kelley Miller, Niki Wise (Promo: 1:21)

Thesis Films

The Jim Lindsey Story (2013)

Producer: Clint Fullen (Trailer: 1:07)

Temple of Peace (2010)

Producer: Hayot Tuychiev (Promo: 4:25)

Witch Hazel Advent: The Story of an Ozark Poet (2013)

Producer: Sarah Moore Chyrchell (Trailer: 1:49)

Faculty Films

The Art of Crystal Bridges (2012)

Larry Foley, Hayot Tuychiev, Dale Carpenter (Promo: 1:59)

A New Island (2007)

Dale Carpenter (Promo: 0:41)

Up Among the Hills (2012)

Larry Foley and Hayot Tuychiev (Promo: 1:42)