Center for Journalism Ethics hosts media forum


ethics panel 2017

Media Forum, "Forget Fake," How to get the Real News, sponsored by Center for Journalism Ethics, School of Journalism and Strategic Media, November 8, 2017. Panelists left to right, Lisa Shepard, distinguished visiting professor of journalism ethics for the University of Arkansas;  Paul Farhi, Washington Post;  Indira Lakshmanan, Poynter Institute; Steven Holmes, CNN.

National journalists gathered to talk about why news matters more than ever at the annual Center for Ethics in Journalism and School of Journalism and Strategic Media forum.

The event, “Forget Fake:  How To Get To Real News,” hosted a panel of top-notched journalists: Washington Post’s Media Writer Paul Farhi; CNN’s Standards & Practices Executive Director Steven Holmes; Poynter Institute Ethics Chair Indira Lakshmanan; 2017 Visiting Distinguished Professor and USA Today Contributor Alicia “Lisa” Shepard, was forum moderator.

“In today’s media environment, everyone must use the same skills journalists use to ferret out out fake from fact,” said Shepard. “Regardless of title, we are all creators, editors and publishers in the online world.  It’s our ethical responsibility to not share information we haven’t checked out and to be conscientious news consumers. 

Always ask the question:  How do you know that?”