All freshmen and sophomore journalism students are advised in the Fulbright College Advising Center. After journalism majors have completed 60 hours, they will be assigned to an adviser who is a journalism faculty member in their chosen sequence. Listings of all majors and their advisers are posted in the hallway outside Kimpel 111, just in case you forget who your adviser is. Although journalism majors often choose to sign up with a departmental adviser in their junior years, we recommend that journalism minors continue to be advised at the Fulbright Advising Center, where advisers are cross-trained in the different disciplines.

If you would like to change advisers for any reason, you must make an appointment with the department chair.

Many students rely on their advisers for consultations about a variety of issues throughout the year. Note that all faculty members have regular office hours during which you can make appointments to meet with them, or just drop in. However, you will see your adviser at least once a semester during preregistration advising, which is done the week before formal preregistration begins, and you will need to make an appointment.

It pays to plan ahead. Some courses are offered irregularly and others may fill up quickly when they are offered. Therefore, in order to avoid any delay in your graduation, you should be thoroughly knowledgeable in the requirements for your degree. If you’re majoring in journalism, you should and consult with your faculty adviser and/or the Fulbright College Dean’s Office (575-4801) when you are in doubt. If you are a journalism minor, you should consult the Fulbright Advising Center (575-4801) when you are in doubt.

Advising Appointments for Journalism Majors

To set up your advising session, choose a specific time on the sign-up sheet posted outside your adviser’s office. Since most journalism advisers work with about 40 students, you will have only 15-20 minutes for preregistration advising. Therefore, you should be prepared with choices for the courses you want to take for the next semester before your appointment. Your adviser will help you make sure all your requirements are covered and then give you your advisement number for registration.


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