How do I access my class?

Your class will use either ALEKS or MyLabsPlus.

Students in ALEKS classes should log in using their BlackBoard accounts using their University of Arkansas computer User Id. (the part before @uark.edu in your email address.)

Students in MyLabsPlus should log in to their accounts using their University of Arkansas computer User Id. (the part before @uark.edu in your email address.) MyLabsPlus classes may also be accessed using BlackBoard

Forgotten passwords may be retrieved at either website by clicking on the forgotten password link, and following the directions.

How can I be better prepared for my first day of class?

Check your email, read the UAConnect notes and syllabus, log in to BlackBoard and within the week before classes, try to access your class online.

How do I check my email?

To log in you will need a University of Arkansas email account (e.g. yourname@uark.edu). If you have not yet activated your email account call IT services at (479)575-2905 for assistance with this step first.

I'm having trouble getting started with ALEKS.

ALEKS students are enrolled automatically each night from UAConnect, and are accessed through a link in your BlackBoard class. If you can't access your ALEKS class during the class term, please contact your instructor.

I'm having trouble getting started with MyLabsPlus.

Access your Account

  1. Go to a computer where you can use the web and check your email.

  2. Point your browser to our MyLabsPlus site

  3. Find and click the "Forgot your password?" link.

  4. Enter in the first part of your uark email address in the box labeled "User ID:."

  5. For example if your email is mathstudent@uark.edu, you would enter "mathstudent."

  6. Check your email for a message with subject "Reset your Password" from support@pearson.com and follow the directions in the email.

  7. You should now be able to log in to your account

Activate your Class

Log In to http://uark.bb.mylabsplus.com/ with your new username and password, and click to access your class. Soon, you should be prompted to accept the end user license agreement. After that you will likely be prompted to enter your textbook access code (from a store bought packet) or to purchase your access through the online checkout. These are the only ways to purchase access to uark.mylabsplus.com courses! If you do not have a packet, and wish to buy it online, you must be logged in to your course in order to activate it.

Once you enter your code or pay online you will have full access to your course!

I've logged in to MyLabsPlus before but the site isn't working now. What's up?

Most likely you're going to the wrong website. Please note that the uark.bb. portion of the address is necessary to access the correct content.

Make sure you are only using your University of Arkansas digital ID (the part before @uark.edu in your email address.)

Maybe you have forgotten or misspelled your password. View the instructions for "Access your Account" above.

Check that your browser has the proper settings or fix other technical problems, try looking at the support knowledgebase. It is searchable, and includes answers to many technical problems.

Why use ALEKS/MyLabsPlus?

Using ALEKS or MyLabsPlus ensures that grading is fair and consistent across all sections of a given course.  Online homework assignments give immediate feedback and enable you (students) to master concepts by correcting your own mistakes. Many courses have embedded video’s, example problems, and ‘help-me-solve-this’ functionality built right into the homework problems themselves, which would be impossible with traditional paper-based assignments.  

I'm having trouble, what should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in to MyLabsPlus due to site maintenance or other interruptions, try logging in using the alternative "backdoor"

For other issues, you should speak with MRTC staff in the teaching lab. If you find that your problem is not handled in the teaching lab, you should contact your instructor directly.