Testing Center Guidelines


  1. No personal belongings may be brought into the testing center. Please use the cubbies and/or lockers provided
    in the Testing Center reception area of CHPN 327. Neither the Testing Center nor its staff are responsible for the
    security of your personal belongings.
  2. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of mobile devices including but not limited to cell phones,
    smart watches, tablets, ipods and computers. Turn off all devices BEFORE entering the Testing Center.
  3. Once you have begun an assessment, you may not leave the Testing Center. If you must leave for a health
    reason or due to an emergency, notify a proctor.
  4. Before completing any examination in the Testing Center, you will be required to sign an Academic Integrity
    Statement attesting to your understanding of these policies and the Academic Integrity Policy of the University
    of Arkansas at honesty.uark.edu.
  5. If your instructor allows the use of a calculator during your assessment you are required to use the calculators
    provided by the Testing Center. No personal calculators will be allowed.
  6. Check the Testing Center hours at http://mrtc.uark.edu . It is your responsibility to know these times.
  7. All assessments will shut off automatically 75 minutes after closing time (100 minutes during finals week).
    Students with accommodations for extra time are responsible to arrive early enough to receive their full time.
  8. You must present your University ID in order to be admitted into the Testing Center. No other forms of ID will
    be accepted.
  9. You may not work on or access any assignments or resources except your scheduled assessment.
  10. You must follow the calculator and formula sheet policy for your class.
  11. You are being monitored and recorded when you are in the Testing Center.
  12. Any policy infringements are considered violations of the University Academic Integrity Policy, which can be
    found at: http://honesty.uark.edu.


  1. Place your personal belongings (including cell phones, smart watches and calculators) in appropriate area in the
    Testing Center. Check in at the front desk with your University ID.
  2. The proctor will assign you a seating badge and place your ID in it. Go to the corresponding computer station
    and hang the ID badge with your ID on the hook on your computer.
  3. Fill out all of the information at the top of the official scratch paper and sign the Academic Integrity Statement.
    Do not write anything below the top area until the proctor enters the password and begins your test.
  4. Log into your class and access your assessment.
  5. There is a light installed at your computer station. When you have logged in and are ready to begin the test,
    turn on the light using the red button, and a proctor will come to put the password in for you.
  6. If you need more scratch paper, have any problems, or need some form of assistance, turn on your light any
    time and a proctor will come to help you. Note: The proctor cannot assist you with questions about the
    assessment or the use of a calculator.
  7. When you finish your quiz/test, double check your answers, and click the SUBMIT TEST button.
  8. For some courses, click on REVIEW TEST to look through your graded assessment. If you believe a question was
    graded inappropriately by the computer you may ask for and fill out a pink sheet at this time. Do not close the
    test if you wish to fill out a pink sheet. If you close your test before reviewing it by mistake, contact your
  9. If you need a pink sheet, request one from a proctor by turning on your light. Note: Follow the instructions
    from your instructor/syllabus on how to fill out a pink sheet.
  10. Return your calculator (if applicable), seating badge, official scratch paper, and pink sheet to the proctor at the
    front desk before exiting the Testing Center. Failure to return your official scratch paper may result in a zero.


Updated: 2/9/2023