About the Spring Lecture Series

The Arkansas Spring Lecture Series in the Mathematical Sciences are research conferences focused on a specific topic chosen among the current leading research areas.

A principal lecturer is invited to deliver a five-lectures course, and a few specialists give talks on subjects closely related to the conference main topic. Short talks by young PhDs and finishing graduate students are solicited to complement the conference.

Since their inception in 1977, the Arkansas Spring Lecture Series have grown into an ideal opportunity for specialists and young researchers to meet and exchange ideas about topics at the forefront of modern mathematics. In recent years, a number of outreach activities, in the form of an evening public lecture, and dedicate discussion panels, have been added to benefit the local community.

The Spring Lectures are usually sponsored by the NSF jointly with the University of Arkansas. The proceedings of several conferences have appeared in the series "University of Arkansas Lecture Notes in the Mathematical Sciences", published by John Wiley & Sons.

For information about our most current Spring Lecture Series and the online registration form, check the main SLS event page.

For information about our past Spring Lecture Series talks, check out the SLS archive section under the Research nav section. Note, this archive is currently being worked on as of March 2016.