35th Spring Lecture Series

"Minimal Surfaces and Mean Curvature Flow." A series of five lectures by William Minicozzi (John Hopkins University). 

April 15-17, 2010

35th Spring Lecture Series Poster


Maria Calle (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Julie Clutterbuck (Australian National University, Canberra)
Camillo De Lellis 
(University of Zurich)
André Neves 
(Imperial College London)
Lei Ni 
(University of California, San Diego)
Felix Schulze 
(Freie Universität, Berlin)
Natasa Sesum 
(Pennsylvania State University)
Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia University)
Matthias Weber (Indiana University)
Michael Wolf (Rice University)

2010 Organizers

Andrew Raich (University of Arkansas)
John Ryan (University of Arkansas)

The University of Arkansas Spring Lecture series are conferences organized every spring by the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Arkansas. Each conference is focused on a specific topic chosen among the current leading research areas in Mathematics; a principal lecturer delivers a short, five-lecture course and selects a number of specialists who are invited to give talks on subjects closely related to the topic of the conference. Short talks by young Ph.D.s and finishing graduate students are solicited to complement the conference. Each Lecture Series has grown into an ideal opportunity for specialists and young researchers to meet and exchange ideas about topics at the forefront of modern mathematics.

National Science Foundation support for the Spring Lecture Series DMS0751330, March 15, 2008-February 28, 2010, $72345. Luca Capogna (Principal Investigator) and Loredana Lanzani (Co-Principal Investigator).

The Spring Lectures are usually sponsored by the NSF jointly with the University of Arkansas. The proceedings of several conferences have appeared in the series "University of Arkansas Lecture Notes in the Mathematical Sciences," published by John Wiley & Sons.

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SLS 2010 Video Archive Playlist

William Minicozzi (John Hopkins University)
"Harmonic functions and the heat equation, geodesics as critical points, and curve shortening flow Lecture 1"
SLS 2010 - 01

William Minicozzi (John Hopkins University)
"Minimal surfaces as critical points Lecture 2"
SLS 2010 - 02

William Minicozzi (John Hopkins University)
"Mean curvature flow Lecture 3"
SLS 2010 - 03

William Minicozzi (John Hopkins University)
"Geographic singularities of mean curvature Lecture 4"
SLS 2010 - 04

William Minicozzi (John Hopkins University)
"Geographic singularities of mean curvature Lecture 5"
SLS 2010 - 05

Camillo De Lellis (University of Zurich)
SLS 2010 - 06

Christina Caputo (University of Texas at Austin)
"Regularity for nonlocal almost minimal boundaries and applications"
SLS 2010 - 07

Dan Rockmore (Dartmouth College)
"Math as a muse, using math to identify art"
SLS 2010 - 08

Felix Schulze (Freie Universität, Berlin)
SLS 2010 - 09

Jacob Bernstein (Stanford University)
"The asymptotic geometry of genus-g helicoids"
SLS 2010 - 10

Jasun Gong (University of Pittsburgh)
"Extension theorems for a class of (locally) bi-lipschitz homeomorphisms"
SLS 2010 - 11

Julie Clutterbuck (Australian National University)
SLS 2010 - 12

Maria Calle (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
"Width and flow of hypersurfaces by curvature functions"
SLS 2010 - 13

Matthias Weber (Indiana University)
SLS 2010 - 14

Michael Wolf (Rice University)
"Teichmüller theory and minimal surfaces"
SLS 2010 - 15

Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia University)
"Mean curvature flows and isotopy problems"
SLS 2010 - 16

Nam Le (Columbia University)
"Blow up of subcritical quantities at the first singular time of the mean curvature flow"
SLS 2010 - 17

Natasa Sesum (Pennsylvania State University)
SLS 2010 - 18

Niko Marola (University of Helsinki, Finland)
"On a theorem of Beckenbach and Radó for subharmonic functions"
SLS 2010 - 19

Oliver Thomys (Leipzig University)
"Asymptotic behavior of capillary problems governed by disjoining pressure potentials"
SLS 2010 - 20

Peter Conner (Indiana University)
"The construction of doubly periodic minimal surfaces via balance equations"
SLS 2010 - 21

Ray Treinen (Kansas State University)
"On the Summary of Solutions to some Floating Drop Problems"
SLS 2010 - 22

Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi (Monash University)
"Axially Symmetric Mean Curvature Flow"
SLS 2010 - 23

Stephen Kleene (Brown University)
"Rational MCF Self-Shrinkers"
SLS 2010 - 24

Zheng Huang (Cuny)
"MCFs in Quasi-Fuchsian Mfds"
SLS 2010 - 25