Future Teachers

About 40% of the math majors at the University of Arkansas pursue careers in secondary education. Recognizing that the basis for a solid mathematical education of any individual goes back all the way to the earliest school years, the department of Mathematical Sciences is committed to excellence in the training of future mathematics teachers, and to offering continuing support to current teachers.

There are two routes at the University of Arkansas to obtain a licensure for teaching:


Students choosing this route graduate in four years with a BA or BS in mathematics, a minor in secondary education, and an Arkansas teaching license (grades 7 – 12). This option is best for students in their freshman and sophomore years. Interested students should enroll in the “try it out course,” ARSC 1201 (Inquiry Approaches to Teaching Math and Science). For more information, contact Dr. Kim McComas, kmccomas@uark.edu, or visit teach.uark.edu.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Students choosing this route first obtain a BA or a BS in mathematics and then complete the 1 year Master of Arts in Teaching degree through the College of Education and Health Professions. Admission to the MAT program requires a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.70 and completion with a grade of C or higher of: 

  • CIED 4023 (Teaching in Inclusive Secondary Settings) 
  • CIED 4131 (Practicum in Secondary Education) or ARSC 1201

For more information, contact Dr. Laura Kent, lkent@uark.edu, or consult the graduate catalog. 

More information about teaching careers:

teacher-education.uark.edu/ licensure