Math Placement Test

  • If you have taken a math class for college credit or earned college credit by taking an examination (i.e. AP Calculus Exam), your prerequisite is fulfilled and you may enroll in the next math class without needing to take the Math Placement Test.
  • If your ACT and/or SAT score is at the level sufficient for placement in the desired course, your prerequisite is fulfilled and you may enroll in the desired class without needing to take the Math Placement Test. (See the Table of Required Cutoff Scores.)
  • If you feel that you could be successful in a higher level math class than you are otherwise qualified, we encourage you to take the Math Placement Test to try and unlock that higher class.


The UA Math Placement Test (MPT) is free of charge to all University of Arkansas students.

  1. The MPT does NOT give credit for classes. It can only affect placement into math classes. Another department at the main campus can choose to use MPT scores (typically science departments), but we have no control over their use of those scores. Any query on that front needs to go through the specific department in question.
  2. Taking the UA MPT cannot negatively affect your placement. Once you meet a prerequisite for a class by any means, the other methods are not considered.
  3. The MPT consists of 3 sequential tests: the Preparedness for Algebra (PALG), the Mastery of Algebra (MALG), and the Preparedness for Calculus (PCALC). You MUST begin with the PALG test and progress forward.
  4. For the Summer/Fall testing block, you will have 3 attempts to complete each assessment. This number will be extended to 5 attempts for the Spring testing block. When the next Summer/Fall testing block is reached, a completely new set of tests will be created and attempts will be reset (Your progress through the testing chain will be lost when the new tests come out, but your scores will be saved in UAConnect for future use).
  5. There are no practice tests; there is only the study plan. Once a test attempt has been taken, questions in the Study Plan are marked to indicate concepts you missed on your attempt.
  6. Scores take a MINIMUM of 1 business day to process before they are available in UAConnect to affect prerequisites. Therefore, in order to guarantee that your score can be used for placement consideration, you MUST complete the Placement Test prior to the first day of class.
  7. The MPT is designed for use only at the University of Arkansas main campus in Fayetteville. Scores do not go on your transcript nor do we send them to other institutions.

Placement into a math course can be accomplished by any one of the three ways:

  1. Credit in the prerequisite course.
  2. The UA Math Placement Test process.
  3. A sufficient ACT MATH or SAT MATH score.

The UA MPT does not interact with ACT/SAT scores other than to determine if you need to take the MPT. If you need to take the UA MPT, you must start at the PALG and work your way forward.

Desired Course Required MPT Score(s) Required ACT or SAT MATH Score(s)
MATH 2554/2554C Calculus I*

PALG 80%, and MALG 80%, and PCALC 80% ACT MATH  28, or SAT MATH 710 (680 oldSAT MATH)
MATH 2445 PALG 80%, and MALG 80%, and PCALC 70% ACT MATH  28, or SAT MATH 640 (660 oldSAT MATH)
MATH 2183 Mathematical Reasoning

MATH 2053 Finite Math

MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus

MATH 1284C Pre Calculus

STAT 2303 Principles of Statistics 
PALG 80%, and MALG 80% ACT MATH 26, or SAT MATH 620 (600 oldSAT MATH)
MATH 1203/1203C College Algebra**  PALG 80% ACT MATH 23, or SAT MATH 540
MATH 1313 Quantitative Literacy**  PALG 70% ACT MATH 19, or SAT MATH 510 (460 oldSAT MATH)

*Only students who score a minimum of 30 on ACT Math or 710 on SAT Math are eligible to take MATH 2554H Honors Calculus I. **If the score is not at least one of the minimums listed for MATH 1203 or MATH 1313, the student will be required to take MATH 0001L (ACT 19-22, SAT 510), MATH 0002L or MATH 0131L. 

The MPT is taken online and may be taken on or off campus through UA Connect during the two testing blocks. The testing blocks are tentatively from the middle of March until the beginning of Fall classes and again from the middle of October until the beginning of Spring classes.

Be sure to read the directions carefully before attempting the test! Take the time to work the review first, and familiarize yourself with the procedures for entering answers. Be aware that these tests are meant to challenge the extent of your collegiate level mathematical capabilities. Completing the review and familiarizing yourself with the testing website are essential to passing.

  1. Log into using your UAConnect login and password.
  2. Click the Academic Record tile on your Student Homepage.
  3. Click the Other Academics drop-down menu in the left column.
  4. Click Math Placement Test to open that site.
  5. Once you are directed to the testing environment, click on the course link for UA Math Placement for Academic Year (Current Academic Year) to enter your testing class.
  6. Run the browser check to make sure you are using a supported browser and have all of the necessary plug-ins. (Check the Authentication Error Section for comprehensive information on changing your settings by browser.)
  7. If you are unfamiliar with MyLabsPlus, watch the tutorial on how to enter answers.
  8. Click “Study Plan” on the navigation bar to the left. Until you have completed a test at least once, your study plan will include topics for all three tests.  You only need to focus on the chapters relevant to your current test (see the tips below).
  9. When you are ready to take a test, click “Placement Tests” on the navigation bar to the left. Read the information provided and then click on “Take your placement test” at the bottom of the page. Begin by taking the Entry Questionnaire. Once completed, choose the PALG test and begin.
  10. If you obtain the minimum score for PALG, begin reviewing the chapters of the study plan associated with the MALG test. Otherwise, a custom study plan will be generated for you. Problems marked with a pencil icon in your custom study plan are the topics in which you need to focus on in order to be successful on subsequent test attempts.
  11. You must wait 24 hours before retaking a test. Spend this time to review your study plan.

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The UA Math Placement Test is only available during two blocks of time: tentatively from the middle of March until the beginning of the Fall semester and again from the middle of October until the beginning of the Spring semester.

Outside of those two timeframes, the UA Math Placement Test is down for maintenance to the system and adaptations to the test. If you are outside of the testing time blocks, you will have to wait until the next testing period begins in order to take the UA Math Placement Test. If you are inside of the testing time blocks but are still seeing a past due error, please contact the math placement test immediately at, and we will assess your problem directly. 

You do not have the ability to review your exam. As it is open and online, the ability to review it has been removed for test security purposes. You have to go to the study plan to see what objectives have been marked to know what to study. If you continue to work those Study Plan problems, you should be able to infer what problems you got wrong and why you may have gotten them wrong. If you have previously completed all of the marked Study Plan problems after a previous attempt, it may be a good idea to complete them again and try to make the connection of what you missed and why.

Take this Seriously! Remember, you are attempting to test out of several math classes. This is meant to be a challenging assessment of your collegiate math knowledge. It is not meant to be easy.

  • Allow yourself ample time to complete this process: several hours over several days.
  • Take your time on the tests and study plans.
  • Before you take the tests, work only the questions in the chapters listed for the test you are planning to take.    
    • PALG: work only on chapters R1- R9.
    • MALG: work only on chapters R4, R10, 1-4, 8.
    • PCALC: work only on chapters R4, 1-6, 8, 10. 
  • If you need to repeat one of the tests, you MUST work all questions with the pencil icon before retaking the same test.  To give you ample time to complete the study plan and study, you must wait at least 24 hours before taking it again.
  • Review and check your answers:    
    • Check your typing.
    • Check that your answer is typed mathematically correct according to the instructions.
    • Check that all fractions are reduced and all denominators are rationalized. 

Remember, the purpose of the Math Placement Assessment is to place you in the math class that best suits you.

It is very important that only you work on your tests and study plans. The only person hurt by cheating on the Assessment will be you; because, you will be placed in the wrong class. Students placed in the wrong class often fail that class which is just a waste of your time and money. Therefore, take your time. Do the best you can on the tests. Work hard on your study plans. Get placed in the right class. Be successful at the University of Arkansas next semester!

More information about the Academic Integrity Statement is available on the Provost's Web site

For assistance, email the math placement team at