Prerequisite Override Request

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Temporary Prerequisite Override

If you expect to satisfy a course prerequisite before the semester begins, because you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course or are waiting for transfer credit, use this form to ask for a Temporary Prerequisite Override.

Temporary Prerequisite Overrides are almost always granted, but expire before the beginning of the semester.

It is your responsibility to be sure you have a prerequisites course credit on file with the registrar 10 business days before the semester begins. If you do not, you will be notified at your U of A email address and dropped from the course.

Permanent Prerequisite Override

If you feel you have satisfied a prerequisite in some other way you may ask for a Permanent Prerequisite Override. These are rarely granted, but do not expire.

Taking a similar course in high school is different than a prerequisite. The Math Placement Test (MPT) can also be used to satisfy prerequisites.

Students are encouraged to first visit the UAConnect Knowledge Center to see if they can resolve their own error.

Prerequisites for Class Have Not Been Met

This is brought about when UAConnect checks the student's records (transfer credits, test scores, enrollment history, etc.) against the prerequisites set for a class (being listed in the Undergraduate Catalog of Studies).

The Prerequisite Override form may be used in cases where students will or have already met the prerequisites for a class.

Permission Number is Necessary for Enrollment

Our department does not use permission numbers for enrollment, but certain classes and their sections are reserved for specific groups of students. Here are a few common instances:

  • Sections Reserved for CEA Students (see UAConnect section description if it mentions CEA)
  • Sections Reserved for Online College Students (usually listed as 902 or 904)
  • Courses Reserved for Honors College Students (usually followed by H code; e.g. MATH 2554H)
  • Some On-Campus Online Sections (usually listed as 901 or 903; only open for enrollment the weekend before classes start - date specified in the course description)
  • Department Consent Required (the instructor may need to email our office to expressly give permission for the student to enroll)

In these cases, students may contact the Registrar's Office or the instructor listed in UAConnect for more information.

Time Conflicts

This is where UAConnect avoids "double-booking" a student's time slots for classes.

Students should verify that they do not have any lectures, drills, or labs they're currently enrolled in at the specified times.

Classes where a student is on a waitlist may also trigger this error.

Out of Term, Appointment Unavailable, Etc.

 Students should verify that they're enrolled in the specified term and that they're enrolling within their appointment dates.

More information related to these errors is available on the Registrar's website related to Registration Periods.

Term Limits and Course Loads being Exceeded

 The Registrar's Office sets Course Load requirements for Undergraduates if they've registered as full-time or part-time students.

If a student wishes to take on more hours than is normally allowed, they must submit an Overload Petition to their academic college.

Out of Career or Registering for >5000 and >500V Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students wanting to take graduate level courses will need to petition for doing so for on a CLASS-BY-CLASS basis.

Classes taken while enrolled as an Undergraduate will be for Undergraduate Credit.

The petition does NOT act to override any other errors, such as prerequisite errors.

Students interested in this option will need to submit an Out of Career Registration Form to the Graduate School.

Other Unresolvable Errors...

For all other errors, students may sit down with their academic advisor, visit an advising center on campus, contact the Office of the Registrar, or contact


Updated: 1/4/2020