The Music Department offers students the opportunity to study with gifted, nationally and internationally recognized faculty while pursuing their undergraduate or graduate music degrees.

Undergraduate students may choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts Degree in music or a Bachelor of Music Degree. Students choosing a career path in the Bachelor of Music Degree may specialize in one or more areas of emphasis: music composition, music education, music performance, music theory, or the Bachelor of Music Degree with elective studies in business.

Master of Music students can pursue emphases in composition, instrumental conducting, instrumental performance, music education, music history, or theory.

Graduate students who have completed an MA Degree or its equivalent have the opportunity to further develop their musical skills in a performance-intensive program culminating in a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Performance.


Undergraduate Auditions

Guitar students will choose to focus primarily on either a classical or jazz genre in their studies.

Those looking to focus classical guitar will be expected to perform two pieces of music in their audition: one by Carcassi, Sor, Bach or Tarrega and a second of their choosing.

Those looking to focus on jazz guitar will be asked to play various chords and scales in multiple keys including Major 7th, minor 7th,  dominant 7th seventh chords, the major scale and the melodic minor scale. They will be expected to perform either the Charlie Parker blues "Perhaps" or "Billies Bounce" from memory and improvise over blues chord progressions. Students should prepare a list of five jazz standards they are able to play and improvise on, to be performed with either a backing track (student provided) or house rhythm section.

All auditions will include sight reading and ear training.

Because of limited space, each professor may only be able to accept a select number of students into their studio each year. Your preparation for the audition is vital to your success.

We look forward to hearing you play for us. Thank you for including us in your musical journey.

Graduate Auditions for Master of Music Degree or Certificate in Advanced Performance

Audition requirements

The MM program for guitar focuses on the core components of performance, composition and pedagogy. Students will play a wide variety of styles while focusing on either a classical or jazz track.

Students auditioning for the classical track should prepare approximately 15 minutes of solo guitar music in contrasting styles, including at least one excerpt from Bach and one from a 20th century composer. Students will present a program list and repertoire list to the audition panel.

Students auditioning for the jazz track should prepare 10 jazz standards from which the panel will select several to be performed either with a house rhythm section (depending on availability) or student provided backing track. Please make sure to bring a backing track for each selection.

All guitar auditions will include sight reading and ear training.