COVID19 Response

Building Hours:

As of August 24, 2020, the Bllingsley Music Building and the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall will follow the following new times of operation:

  • Open Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm
  • Closed after 7:00pm and weekends


Practice Rooms:

All spaces in the Department of Music must be reserved for use—this includes the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall. This includes practice rooms, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, concert halls, and meeting spaces. Faculty and students must make a request for use of space no later than 1-week in advance.

Practice rooms and rehearsal spaces will be assigned to students based on availability. Reservations are limited to one-hour per day, between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm. The building will not be open after 7:00pm during the week and will remain closed on the weekends to all students. Additionally, every practice space must have at least 30 minutes of downtime between reservations. No one may use the room during its downtime. For rehearsal space, only one person is allowed in the room, even if that room can accommodate more.

To reserve practice space, please use this form: Practice Room Request

Recital Protocols Fall 2020:

To safeguard the health of all students, faculty, staff, and community members, no public concerts or recitals will be presented by the Department of Music in the fall semester. Only student recitals required for degree completion will be accommodated at this time. There will be no audience in attendance at any event. There are strict limitations on the number of people allowed on stage and in the hall, (see LIVESTREAM RECITALS below).

There are three ways that the requirements of a degree recital may be completed.

  1. ON-CAMPUS LIVESTREAM RECITALS — Students may give their recitals on campus with the assistance of technical staff of Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall or the Faulkner Performing Arts Center. These recitals will be livestreamed to the Department of Music YouTube channel and audio recorded.
  2. OFF-CAMPUS RECORD ON YOUR OWN — Students may perform their recital off campus and submit the recording to their applied teacher. A video recording is preferred if permission is given to stream the recital on the Department of Music YouTube channel.
  3. ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT — An alternative assignment may be pursued with the written consent of the area coordinator and the department chair.  Any alternate assignment should demonstrate relevance to their applied study.


All reserved dates previously arranged for Fall 2020 recitals in Stella Boyle Smith are now canceled. Students who held one of those previously reserved dates will be assigned a new date following the guidelines below.

Accommodations for on-campus live recording sessions will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Students who rescheduled their recitals from the Spring 2020 semester due to the campus-wide shutdown of facilities.
  2. Students registered for a senior or final graduate recital to fulfill degree requirements.
  3. Graduate students in their second year of study who have not yet completed one recital. 
  4. Performance majors registered for a junior recital.   

Applied faculty shall provide a list at the beginning of the fall semester that inventories all required degree recitals in their studio for the academic year. This inventory should prioritize the recitals as listed 1 – 4 above. Faculty are asked to indicate the students who will not complete a recital on campus (e.g., fully remote students) and any student who can delay their recital.

All students who need to complete their recital requirements on campus will work with their faculty members to pick a two-week range of dates for scheduling their recital recording. Each student will be assigned a date and time within that two-week range that works best for faculty and the student. Recitals will be assigned to the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall as the primary space or the Faulkner Performing Arts Center as a backup venue. Due to scheduling of technical staff, availability of FAMA to sanitize, and working around classes in these spaces we cannot honor any requests for a particular hall.


Students opting to perform their recital on campus will be livestreamed from the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall or Faulkner Performing Arts Center, based on availability. The livestream will broadcast on the Department of Music’s YouTube channel ( Recitals will also be audio-recorded as they have been before with the files being shared to faculty members, the performer, and Mullins Library.

 Students are still required to submit their recital program information to the Music Office no later than 14 days prior to their recital. The office will create an official program for students following the template for departmental performances. A PDF will be provided for the livestream with printed copies being distributed to the student’s applied professor for archiving.

Guidelines for livestream recitals:

  • Reservations last 2 hours
    • Recitals will be given 30 minutes of warmup time before recording begins
  • No audience allowed; this includes family and friends
  • No live collaboration allowed
  • Personnel allowed:
    • 1 soloist allowed on stage
    • 1 faculty member allowed in audience
    • 1-2 technicians allowed in hall

Production restrictions:

  • Setup will by necessity be bare-bones; no stage changes will be allowed
  • Performance must be played through as if it were live; re-take will not be allowed
  • No dress rehearsals can be accommodated, only the 30-minute warmup before recording begins


Students have the option of performing their recital off-campus as long as they can provide a recording of the event.  A video recording is preferred if the intention is to have the recording streamed.  Some may find this option appealing so that they may have family members present.

This option also allows an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in self-recording. If the pandemic worsens and campus is forced to close, it is likely that all students will move to this off-campus option.

At least three workshops will be provided by the Department of Music to help students learn best practices about recording off-campus. In addition to recommendation by Department staff, students will be able to ask questions during these workshops. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.