Jazz Band


The University of Arkansas Jazz Performance Laboratory affords students the opportunity to perform in an 18 piece jazz big band. Focusing on presenting the best in contemporary and classic big band music, students are encouraged to develop the unique talents required to perform the music of this genre. Improvisation skills are taught and encouraged through combo playing during the course of the semester.

Jazz Performance Laboratory Rehearsal Schedule 

  • TR - 2:00-3:50pm

Jazz Performance Laboratory is listed as MUEN 1471, 2471, 3471, 4471, 4671, 5471. Freshmen enroll in the 1000 level, sophomores in the 2000 level, etc.

Audition Information

All those interested in participating in the Jazz Performance Laboratory, should contact Dr. Salonen, rsalone@uark.edu, and receive his permission before enrolling.



 Rick Salonen

Rick Salonen