Music Calendar & Reservations

This calendar is used for internal Department of Music scheduling. The calendar shows rehearsals, recitals, and some classes so students and faculty know when the halls and classrooms are reserved. To see the events open to the public, please visit: Music Event Listings

Students, please review the Department guidelines for undergraduate and graduate student reservations for recitals: Reservation Guidelines

  • Recital reservations have priority over rehearsal reservations. If a recital request comes after a reserved rehearsal reservation for the same time, the recital request may, in most cases, get the reserved time.
  • Students are only garanteed one reservation for dress rehearsal in the Concert Hall; dress rehearsals in Giffels or other facilities may not be possible.

Faculty, please review the Department guidelines for reservations of Faculty, Studio/Ensemble, and Guest Artist performances, masterclasses, and rehearsals: Reservation Guidelines for Faculty

  • Please use the appropriate form for each type of event (e.g., "Ensembles/Studios" for studio recitals, "Faculty Recitals/Rehearsals" for faculty recitals, etc.).
  • All guest artists and lecturers MUST have both forms filled out, regardless of requested money:
      1. The  "Guest Request Form" starts the process for bringing the guest to campus. Please provide as much details as possible so the Office Staff can complete reservations, travel, and honorariums in a timely manner. 
      2. The "Guest Artist/Lecturer Reservations" form is used for the main events (e.g., Guest Artist Recital, Guest Lecture, Masterclasses, etc. Only one form is needed to start the reservations for the guest, usually that is the recital or lecture. Again, provide as much detail as possible to enable the publicity process.

The Laundry Room facility can be reserved small ensemble rehearsals and for recording sessions. It will not be reserved for single user practice space.

Reservation and Request Forms

Faculty Reservations
Faculty Recitals/Rehearsals

Guest Artist/Lecturers
Guest Request Form
Guest Artist/Lecturer Reservations

Student Reservations
Student Recitals/Rehearsals
Laundry Room Reservations