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This form is used to submit purchase requests to the Department Chair. All requests are emailed to department staff and are put through the review process:.

  1. Request submitted to office staff and requester is cc'ed.
  2. Office staff review requests with the Department Chair.
  3. The requester is notified of request status.
  4. If the request was declined or reduced, the requester may discuss the matter with the Department Chair.
  5. If the request is approved, office staff begin the purchasing process, cc'ing requester on status updates.

Please note:

  1. Incomplete requests will be returned to requesters BEFORE Department Chair review.
  2. No purchases will be completed without the submission of this form AND Department Chair review.


 Use this form to request funded and unfunded travel.


Use this form to submit reimbursement requests from travel and other expenditures for university business.

Send guests to the UA vendor page if the guest will receive honoraria for services rendered. 

"VII Vendor Identification Information Form" is under the tips sections of vendor.uark.edu

Thank you for partnering with the Department of Music. Please upload your invoice for payment below. The office staff will contact you with questions or if further information is needed.



Use this form to request time in rehearsal rooms, class rooms, and concert spaces. DO NOT use this form for student recitals.


Use this form to request the use of electronic gear, make broken gear claims, and other procedures found in the Electronic Gear Policy.

This form is used for piano needs of University of Arkansas property. Private piano services are not provided through this service. 

Greg Lynch, the UA piano tech, will contact you to discuss your request. 

Use this form to request access to the Billingsley Music Building after hours and weekends. Card access grants entry to the west door (2nd floor) and MUSC 321 (music computer lab).

Use this form to report issues in music facilities (e.g., leaks, climate control failures, light bulbs out, etc.)

Use this form to report equipment issues (e.g., school instruments in need of repair, computer not working, etc.) or to report items in need of surplus.