Eric M. Funkhouser

Eric M. Funkhouser


J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-7441

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Eric Funkhouser’s main areas of interest are philosophy of mind, action theory, and metaphysics. He has published a book on the structure of scientific kinds and their taxonomies – The Logical Structure of Kinds (OUP, 2014). This book develops a metaphysical theory of properties, with special applications to multiple realizability, reduction and autonomy, and causation. He is currently writing a book on the nature of belief, with special attention to the evolution of deception and cognitive biases.

Philosophy of mind, action theory, and metaphysics.

PhD, Syracuse

“A Call for Modesty: A Priori Philosophy and the Mind-Body Problem”, New Waves in Philosophy of Mind (2014)

"Self-Deception and the Limits of Folk Psychology", (Social Theory and Practice, 2009).

"Frankfurt Cases and Overdetermination", (Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2009).

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"The Determinable-Determinate Relation", (Nous, September 2006).

"Do the Self-Deceived Get What They Want? ", (Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Sept. 2005).

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