Warren A. Herold

Warren A. Herold

Assistant Professor

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-3551

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Warren Herold works primarily in ethical theory, moral psychology, and the history of ethics; he is also interested in social & political philosophy, the philosophy of economics, and various areas of applied ethics. His recent research has focused on the moral philosophy of Adam Smith, the role of imaginative perspective taking in moral deliberation, and the psychological foundations of contractualism. He is Co-PI (along with psychologist Ethan Kross at the University of Michigan) on "The Virtue of Self-Distancing" project, funded by the Templeton Religion Trust. This 21-month interdisciplinary project examines how the way one views oneself affects one's sense of self, one's deliberative processes, and one's evaluative judgments. In addition to his appointment in the Department of Philosophy, Professor Herold is a faculty member in the interdisciplinary Public Policy Ph.D. Program and a research affiliate at the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Science and the Arts, both at the University of Arkansas.  He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Michigan, master’s degrees in philosophy and environmental economics from University College London, and bachelor’s degrees in economics, environmental studies, and music history from Oberlin College and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

Ethical theory, moral psychology, and history of ethics.

PhD, Michigan