Thomas D. Senor

Thomas D. Senor


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Professor Senor’s primary areas of research are philosophy of religion and epistemology. In the former, he’s particularly interested in philosophical issues concerning the nature of God and Christian theology; in the latter, he’s concerned with the epistemology of memory and the theory of justification. Professor Senor has served as president of the Southwest Philosophical Society, twice been on the Executive Committee of the Society of Christian Philosophers, and is on the Editorial board of the journal Religious Studies.

Philosophy of religion, epistemology, mind, and metaphysics. 

PhD Arizona

Thomas D. Senor (forthcoming). “Drawing on Many Traditions: An Ecumenical Kenotic Christology,” In Anna Marmadoro & Jonathan Hill (eds.),The Metaphysics of the Incarnation(Oxford University Press, 2011)

Thomas D. Senor (2010). “On the Tenability of Brute Naturalism and the Implications of Brute Theism.” Philosophia Christi 10 (2):273-280.

Thomas D. Senor (updated 2009), “Epistemological Problems of Memory.”  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Thomas D. Senor (2008). “Defending Divine Freedom.” In Jonathan Kvanvig (ed.), Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion. (Oxford University Press)

Thomas D. Senor (2007). “Preserving Preservationism: A Reply to Lackey.“ Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 74 (1):199–208.