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Huaxiang Fu


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  • Predicting Materials Properties via Computational Approach.

  • Developing Computational Approach for New Properties.


Properties which we are interested in:
Structural, Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electronic, Optical, Electrical, and Transport Properites.
We also investigate many-body effects and lattice vibrations.


Materials which we are interested in:
(1) Semiconductors (bulk and nanostructures),
(2) Ferroelectric and piezoelectric perovksite oxides (bulk and nanostructures),
(3) Organic-inorganic hybrid composites.

(I) Courses taught or being taught

  • Undergraduate courses:

    (1) General Physics
    Textbook: Cutnell and Johnson, "Physics"

    (2) Statics
    Textbook: J.L. Meriam and L.G. Kraig, "Statics"

    (3) Mechanics of Materials
    Textbook: Riley, Sturges, Morris, "Mechanics of Materials"

  • (4) University Physics II

  • (5) E & M (undergraduate)

  • Textbook: D.J. Griffiths, "Introduction to Electrodynamics"

  • (6) Programing using Fortran 90/95
    Textbook: Chapman, "Fortran 90/95 for Scientists and Engineers"

    (7) Computational Physics using C++
    Textbook: DeVries, "Computational Physics"; Prata, "C++ Primer Plus"

    (8) Physics for Architects II
    Textbook: Y. Salu, "Physics for Architects"

    (9) Thermal Physics
    Textbook: D.V. Schroeder "Thermal Physics"


    Graduate Courses:

    (10) Statistical Mechanics
    Textbook: Pathria, "Statistical Mechanics"

    (11) Solid State Physics
    Textbook: Ashcroft/Mermin, "Solid State Physics"


    (12) Optical Properties of Materials
    Textbook: Yu and Cardona, "Fundamentals of Semiconductors"

    (13) Advanced Solid State Physics


    (14) Physics at the Nanoscale


    (15) Quantum Mechanics (I and II)
    Textbook: R. Shankar, "Principles of Quantum Mechanics"

    (16) Mathematical Methods
    Textbook: Arfken, Weber, and Harris, "Mathematical Methods for Physicists"

Ph. D. Fudan University, China, 1994

Postdoctoral Associate, National Renewable Energy Lab, Colorado (1995-1998);
Geophysical Lab, Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC (1999-2000).

Dr. Fu did his Ph.D. research under Professors Xie Xide and Ye Ling, and joined the University of Arkansas in 2002. His research interest is on the first-principles studies of bulks and nanomaterials. He is also interested in methodology, and recently initiated the study of nanoferroelectrics.


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