Jin Hu

Jin Hu

Assistant Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-2529

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In Prof. Hu's gorup, we study the exotic phenomena caused by the interplay between spin, charge, and orbital in quantum materials.

  • We synthesis single crystals of a variety of materials;
  • We characterize structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of crystals;
  • And we explore exotic properties and try to understand the underlying physics.

PHYS 4713 - Solid State Physics

PHYS 2094 - University Physics III

PHYS 4991 - Physics Senior Seminar 

PHYS 5011 - Intro to Research Seminar

Ph.D. Physics, 2013

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

B.S. Physics, 2008

University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

Selected Publications:

  • J. Hu, S. Y. Xu, N. N, and Z. Mao, “Transport of Topological Semimetals”. Annual Review of Materials Research 100, 054405 (2019)
  • J.Y. Liu, J. Hu, Q. Zhang, D. Graf, H.B. Cao, S.M.A. Radmanesh, D.J. Adams, Y.L. Zhu, G.F. Cheng, X. Liu, W.A. Phelan, J. Wei, M. Jaime, F. Balakirev, D.A .Tennant, J.F. DiTusa, I. Chiorescu, L. Spinu, Z.Q. Mao, “A magnetic topological semimetal Sr1-yMn1-z Sb2 (y, z < 0.10)”. Nature Materials, 16, 905 (2017)
  • J.Y. Liu, J. Hu, D. Graf, T. Zou, M. Zhu,Y. Shi, S. Che, S.M.A. Radmanesh, C.N. Lau, L. Spinu, H.B. Cao, X. Ke and Z.Q. Mao*, “Unusual interlayer quantum transport behavior caused by the zeroth Landau level in YbMnBi2”, Nature Communications, 8, 646 (2017)
  • Jin Hu, Zhijie Tang, Jinyu Liu, Xue Liu, Yanglin Zhu, David Graf, Kevin Myhro, Son Tran, Chun Ning Lau, Jiang Wei andZhiqiang Mao, “Evidence of Topological nodal-line fermions in ZrSiSe and ZrSiTe”. Physical Review Letters (Editors’ suggestions), 117, 016602 (2016)
  • J. Hu, X. Liu, C.L. Yue, J.Y. Liu, H.W. Zhu, J. B. He, J. Wei, Z.Q. Mao, L.Yu. Antipina, Z.I. Popov, P.B. Sorokin, T.J. Liu, P.W. Adams, S.M.A Radmanesh, L. Spinu, H. Ji and D. Natelson. “Enhanced Electron Coherence in Atomically Thin Nb3SiTe6”. Nature Physics 11, 471 (2015)
  • T.J. Liu, J. Hu, B. Qian, D. Fobes, Z.Q. Mao, W. Bao, M. Reehuis, S.A.J. Kimber, K. Prokeš, S. Matas, D.N. Argyriou, A.Hiess, A. Rotaru, H. Pham, L. Spinu, Y. Qiu, V. Thampy, A.T. Savici, J. A. Rodriguez, and C. Broholm. “From (π,0) magnetic order to superconductivity with (π,π) magnetic resonance in Fe1.02Te1-xSex”. Nature Materials 9, 716 (2010)