Physics Department Centennial, 2007-2008

Faculty Publications

The Physics Department at the University of Arkansas celebrated its centennial in 2008. This volume represents a compilation of all research articles published by the physics faculty over the Department's first hundred years. In order to keep its size to manageable proportions, only the title pages are reproduced. This compilation consists of four volumes. The inclusive dates for this compilation are from the earliest dates to the end of 2007.

The earliest research publications in the national journals that we were able to find were those of Professors C.B. Crofutt and S.R. Parsons published in 1926. The first full-time physics faculty member and the first Head of the newly-formed Physics Department was Professor Giles Ripley. While we were not able to find any research publications by him, he did have a number of patents to his credit. An exception was made in his case, and his patents have been included in this compilation. Primarily, Inspec, Compendex, Science Citation Index, Google, and Google Scholar were used to find the publications. However, for the early 20th Century material, additional resources as appropriate were used.

Only those papers where the byline included University of Arkansas affiliation were included. Also not included were those faculty who were only here only for a short time or were not on a tenure-track appointment. If multiple faculties co-authored a paper, it was included under each faculty author.

While every effort was made to find all articles under the above guidelines, I apologize for any inadvertent omissions, and on a project of this scale some such omissions may be inevitable.

Last but not the least, I am grateful to my students assistants who have assisted me with this project over the past 18 months, and in particular to my graduate assistants Katherine Bryson and Balaji Srinivasan who have checked these references multiple times for completeness. Finally, Balaji brought the entire project to its conclusion and his contributions are greatly appreciated.

Usha Gupta 
June, 2009

Giles E. Ripley  1908-1940
Charles B. Crofutt 1923 - 1926 
Samuel R. Parsons 1923 - 1931
Wesley M. Roberds 1927 - 1942
Lloyd B. Ham 1932 - 1959
Paul C. Sharrah 1942 - 1982
Herman M. Schwartz 1948 - 1978
Zaboj V. Harvalik 1948 - 1978
Berol L. Robinson 1952 - 1956
Raymond H. Hughes 1954 - 1990
Otto H. Zinke 1959 - 1988
Glen T. Clayton 1960 - 1972
Stephen M. Day 1961 - 1982
Arthur S. Hobson 1964 - 1999
Charles B. Richardson 1966 - 1997
Richard J. Anderson 1966 - 1989
Fui T. Chan 1969 - 2000
Michael Lieber 1970 - 
Donald O. Pederson 1972 - 
Gregory J. Salamo
Collection: one two three four
1975 - 
Rajendra Gupta 1978 - 
Claud H. Lacy 1980 - 
Peter W. Milonni 1980 - 1989
Surendra P. Singh 1982 - 
Howard J. Carmichael 1983 - 1989
William G. Harter 1985 - 
Allen M. Hermann 1986 - 1989
Zhengzhi Sheng 1988 - 1999
Reeta Vyas 1989 - 
Julio Gea-Banacloche 1990 - 
Min Xiao
Collection: one two three
1990 - 
William F. Oliver III 1992 - 
Gay Stewart 1994 - 
Paul Thibado 1996 - 
Kenneth G. Vickers 1998 - 
Laurent Bellaiche 1999 - 
Huaxiang Fu 2002 - 
Jiali Li 2002 - 

This collection was edited by Usha Gupta with assistance from Balaji Srinivasan.

Centennial Archives

74 page PDF document detailing all of the centennial archives.

A Pictorial History of the First 100 Years

A 64 page PDF detailing a brief history of the Department of Physics as well as the University of Arkansas, compiled by Dr. Raj Gupta.

Centennial Reunion and Memories

Charles Richardson's Introductory Comments at the Reunion Session


Hughes Accelerator

Several PhD dissertations were completed on this apparatus. Courtesy Charles Stigers, PhD 1960

X-Ray Lab photo

X-Ray Lab. From left to right: Bob Gruebel, Glen Clayton, and Bob Graham

 Short Noise lecture

Charles Richardson giving a lecture on shot noise, ca 1970


Comments/"Six Words" By Faculty/Former Faculty

Comments By Alumni

"Six Words" by Alumni