Jiali Li Research Lab

Current Projects

  1. Solid-state nanopore fabrication Solid-state nanopore fabrication

    • Ion-beam and TEM beam nanopore fabrication
    • Nanopore surface modification
    • Nanopore thickness modification
  2. Single biopolymer characterization and identificationSingle biopolymer characterization and identification

    • DNA translocation though solid-state nanopores
    • Protein translocation and unfolding measured with nanopores
    • Detecting DNA hybridization and reporting groups in a DNA
  3. Single biopolymer trapping and manipulationSingle biopolymer trapping and manipulation

  4. Nanoparticle size and shape characterizationNanoparticle size and shape characterization with solid-state nanopores

    • Tethered DNA translocation

  5. Artificial photosynthesisArtificial photosynthesis

    • Photocurrent and voltage generation from photosynthetic proteins reconstituted in lipid membrane