Professional Development

Students desiring help in securing professional opportunities should consult with the M.A. faculty, all of whom have established good working relationships with local governments, state agencies and nonprofit organizations. The M.A. program encourages the development of a portfolio.

Additionally, numerous public employment job listings and announcements from a number of sources are available to aid the student.

There are a number of post-graduate internships with large cities (e.g., Kansas City, Phoenix, Long Beach, Miami), the prestigious Presidential Management Fellows Program, and opportunities with private and nonprofit organizations. Finally, important resources are professionals in the field such as alumni, or professionals you meet becoming a member in an appropriate organization.

Likewise, the School of Law has a career services office that can assist students with employment and career opportunities.


Students may pursue an internship. Internship credit is variable and depends on work duties and the number of hours worked. Students who choose the internship option must consult with their J.D. and M.A. advisers to develop assign credit hours and develop an academic product for the internship grade.