Development of a Concentration

Ordinarily, after students have satisfied the core requirement in their programs they may proceed with their elective courses. Students meet with their advisors to develop an appropriate set of courses in an area of concentration. Fifteen (15) hours of M.P.A. elective courses to be taken in the School of Law are available for that purpose, as well as remaining electives from the student's law curriculum.

When selecting courses for a concentration the student should consider career goals, areas of deficiencies in their preparation, or the need to upgrade existing skills in an area of expertise. Careful consideration should precede the selection of a concentration in order not to lose valuable time. The student should also inquire about when certain courses might be available.

Students taking law courses to satisfy M.P.A. concentration requirements must make a letter grade of C or better in those courses. Courses taken in the Law School will not be counted toward the student's graduate GPA.