Graduate Psychology Education Grant

Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) Training Grant

Integrated Care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations: Building Competencies and Commitment into the Doctoral “DNA” 

The University of Arkansas is delighted to offer a Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) training program to clinical psychology doctoral students. This program, funded by a grant from the Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) of the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), is designed to increase the number of culturally and linguistically competent clinical psychologists who provide evidence-based psychological care to culturally diverse vulnerable and underserved populations in integrated interprofessional health care settings.

Key features of our program include:

  • promoting key competencies in health service psychology;
  • advancing the scope and reach of GPE training by increasing the number of psychologists prepared and ready to work with culturally diverse populations;
  • partnering with local primary care facilities to provide interprofessional training experiences for our students; and
  • engaging in collaborative learning opportunities with social work, nursing, and public health students.

Benefits to GPE trainees:

  • Unique training experiences in interprofessional health care for vulnerable and underserved populations
  • Stipend support
  • Conference travel support
  • Participation in a cultural immersion training program in Puerto Rico
  • Opportunities to take courses with graduate students in allied health professions
  • Participation in community-based research and program evaluation
  • Experiences with community outreach

Current GPE Fellows and GPE Field Placements:

  1. Elizabeth Anastasia, MA (Community Clinic)
  2. Ilana Berman, BA (Peace at Home Family Shelter; Northwest Arkansas Community Correction Center; Washington County Juvenile Detention Center)
  3. Maegan Calvert, MA (Havenwood Shelter; Northwest Arkansas Community Correction Center)
  4. Aubrey Dueweke, MA (Pat Walker Health Center; Havenwood Shelter)
  5. Sasha Rojas, MA (Community Clinic)
  6. Kayla Skinner, MS (Community Clinic)

Previous GPE faculty and fellows:

Prior GPE Fellows