Experimental Faculty

Connie Lamm

Connie Lamm

Assistant Professor

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

(PSYC)-Psychological Science

Phone: 479-575-4256

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My research interest is understanding the neural correlates underlying various aspects of self-regulation using primarily EEG but also fMRI. Within this context, I explore how both development and emotion impact self-regulation. More specifically, I examine differential patterns of neural activation underlying typical and atypical development. My long term goal is to use patterns of neural activation underlying various self-regulation strategies to guide the treatment of aggressive behavior problems.

My graduate students receive in depth training on the neural correlates underlying various aspects of self-regulation. I encourage them to use this foundation to explore how these neural mechanisms impact other aspects of human behavior. Recent graduate students have focused their research on the neural correlates underlying self-regulation in the context of emotional eating, addiction, video game play, and intergroup empathy bias. 

Neuroscience (undergraduate & graduate), Statistics (undergraduate & graduate), Psychology of Teaching (graduate), Motivation and Emotion (undergraduate), Honors Introduction to Psychology (undergraduate), Introduction to Psychology (undergraduate, online), Conducting EEG Research (graduate)  

Ph.D.        University of Toronto, Developmental Science & Program in Neuroscience, June 2008

M.A.         University of Toronto, Child Study and Education, 2002

B.A.         University of Waterloo, Psychology (Honors), 1999

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