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Anastasia Makhanova

Anastasia Makhanova

Assistant Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-4256

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I am a social psychologist who studies social perception - how people view others in their social lives, from strangers to spouses. Much of my research focuses on how these perceptions are influenced by current goals and motivations, as well as biological processes within their bodies. My research questions are often guided by sociocognitive and evolutionary theories.

I currently have two main lines of research:

1) Pathogen Avoidance Motives and the Immune System

I am interested in how people's desire to protect their health (conscious and unconscious) influences the way they view others around them. I primarily focus on the domain of prejudice. In recent work, I have been honing in on interconnections between immune system functioning and prejudice linked to pathogen avoidance.

2) Close Relationships and Hormones

I study the way people's hormones (whether cyclical levels or reactions to a given situation) influence the way they view their romantic partner. Currently, I am gearing up to start a Transition to Paranthood study to examine how hormonal processes influence perceptions of the romantic partner and child, and the interplay between biological and psychological processes during this transition.

More information about my research lab can be found on the Spark Lab website: https://sparklab.uark.edu

B.A. Hendrix College

M.S. Florida State University

Ph.D. Florida State University