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Darya L. Zabelina

Darya L. Zabelina

Assistant Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-5807

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My primary research interest is cognitive neuroscience. Specifically, I aim to understand creative cognition, imagination, and other related processes, and how these processes are linked with more traditional subfields of cognitive psychology, such as attention and executive functions. I use a variety of approaches, including behavioral, genetic, electrophysiological (EEG and ERP), and functional MRI (fMRI) techniques. I also work in the areas of mind wandering, mindfulness, problem solving, the influence of technology on creativity and imagination, and what happens to creativity as we age. A long-term objective is to create a theoretical foundation upon which to develop methods to enhance creative thinking, imagination, and problem-solving abilities.

Ph.D. in Psychology, Northwestern Univeristy


Selected Publications 

  1. Zabelina, D. L., & Condon, D. C. (in press). The Four-Factor Imagination Scale (FFIS): A measure for assessing frequency, complexity, emotional valence, and directedness of imagination. Psychological Research. 
  2. Stevens, C. E., Jr., & Zabelina, D. L. (2019). Creaitvity comes in waves: An EEG-focused exploration of the creative brain. Current Opinion in the Behavioral Sciences, 27, 154-162.
  3. Zabelina, D. L., & Ganis, G. (2018). Creativity and cognitive control: Behavioral and EEG evidence that divergent thinking, but not real-life creative achievements, relates to better cognitive control. Neuropsychologia, 118, 20-28.
  4. Zabelina, D. L. (2018). Attention and creativity. In R. E. Jung & O. Vartanian (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of the Neuroscience of Creativity (pp. 161-179). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  5. Zabelina, D. L. & Andrews-Hanna, J. (2016). Dynamic network interactions supporting internally-oriented cognition. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 40, 86-93.
  6. Lebuda, I., Zabelina, D. L., & Karwowski, M. (2016). Mind full of ideas: A meta-analysis of the mindfulness and creativity link. Personality and Individual Differences, 93, 22-26.
  7. Zabelina, D. L., Colzato, L., Beeman, M., & Hommel, B. (2016). Dopamine and the creative mind: Individual differences in everyday creative performance are predicted by interactions between dopamine genes DAT and COMT. PLOS ONE, 11, e0146768.
  8. Zabelina, D. L., Saporta, A., & Beeman, M. (2016). Flexible or leaky attention in creative people? Distinct patterns of attention for different types of creative thinking. Memory & Cognition, 44, 488-498.
  9. Zabelina, D. L., O’Leary, D., Pornpattananangkul, N., Nusslock, R., & Beeman, M. (2015). Creativity and sensory gating indexed by the P50: Selective versus leaky sensory gating in divergent thinkers and creative achievers. Neuropsychologia, 69, 77-84.