Honors Program

Requirements for Graduation with Honors in Psychology

There are two ways to graduate with honors in psychological science.  The first is the College Honors Program and the second is Departmental Honors; descriptions of both of these programs can be found at the Fulbright College Honors website.  The College Honors program is a four-year program emphasizing significant honors courses; incoming freshman are eligible for the College honors program.  Departmental Honors is available for students who may not meet initial requirements of the College honors and/or transfer students.  Additional information about the honors program is available at the Honors College website.

Regardless of the specific honors program, all honors candidates in psychology are encouraged to enroll in as many honors courses, seminars and colloquia as possible, or as required by the honors program they are enrolled in.  In addition, to graduate with honors, students must complete and defend an original honors thesis/project under the mentorship of a psychology faculty member.

Because honors theses are typically focused on the general area of research the faculty mentor studies, honors students are advised to learn about the faculty research interests and contact a prospective faculty mentor early.  Honors students typically work as a research assistant in a faculty member’s lab for at least one semester prior to proposing their honors thesis.  Working in a research lab gives students exposure to the type of studies conducted by the faculty and graduate students in that research area.  Most honors students in psychology complete an empirical thesis which involves either original data collection or secondary data analysis.  While completing the thesis, students register for a minimum of 6 hours of PSYC 399VH (up to a maximum of 12 hours).

Students graduating with honors typically graduate cum laude. Higher degree distinctions (magna cum laude, summa cum laude) are awarded by the Honors Council, recommended only in truly exceptional cases, and are based upon the whole of the candidate’s program of honors studies.

Specific questions about the honors requirements in the Department of Psychological Science can be directed to the Honors Program Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Veilleux at jcveille@uark.edu.