Eligibility for the BSW Program's Professional Practice Core

To be eligible to enter the BSW Program’s Professional Practice Core (Research and Technology I, Human Behavior and the Social Environment II, Social Work Practice I, II, and III; Field Internship I and II; Field Seminar I and II) each student must complete the application process outlined below.


  • Applications for Spring semester are due the second Friday in October.
  • Applications for Fall semester are due the second Friday in March.

Late applications are not accepted.

The application process must be completed by the end of the semester prior to the semester in which the student will enroll in Social Work Practice I.

The application packet includes the following materials:

This form becomes the cover sheet for the application packet. Application forms are available below. This form requires the academic advisor signature, but the students are required to submit this form with the rest of the materials.

This narrative statement should include: motivation for 35 becoming a social worker; relevant work, volunteer or life experiences; strengths and limitations for effective social work practice; personal commitment and agreement to abide by the values and ethics of the social work profession; career goals and indication of fields of practice preference or areas where you would not feel comfortable working. (Form provided below.)

This form provides documentation of satisfactory completion of the volunteer experience assignment in Introduction to Social Work or equivalent and submission of a positive “Supervisor’s Reference Form” from the supervisor of the experience. A minimum of 30 hours of work or volunteer experience are required for admission to the Social Work Professional Core (Form provided below). THIS REQUIREMENT HAS BEEN WAVIED FOR SPRING 2021 ADMISSIONS.

By signing this statement, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to abide by and behave in accordance with the “Ethical Principles/Guidelines for Social Work Students”. This statement is contained in the admissions packet (provided by the BSW Director) or found below. A copy of this signed statement will be included in your advising file.


This form must be completed by two Social Work professors. These references need to be from Social Welfare Policy and HBSE I unless both courses were taken online. If this is the case, the student will choose another Social Work professor they have had in a face-to-face class along with their choice of either their HBSE I or Social Welfare Policy professor. If the student has had all Social Work courses online, they will use both their Policy and HBSE I professors as references. It is the student’s responsibility to request the reference from the professors via email. The email should include the student’s full name and student ID#. The instructor will submit the form directly to the BSW Director. In addition, students should be aware that feedback from other faculty will be taken into account during the admission process.

Students applying to the professional core must complete the following nine courses with a grade of ‘C’ or better:

  1. SCWK 2133 Introduction to Social Work
  2. PSYC 2003 General Psychology
  3. SOCI 2013 General Sociology
  4. SCWK 3193 Human Diversity and Social Work
  5. ENGL 1013 Composition I
  6. COMM 1313 Communications
  7. PLSC 2003 American National Government
  8. SCWK 4093 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  9. SCWK 4153 Social Welfare Policy

In addition, students must complete the following course with a ‘D’ or better:

  1. BIOL 1534 General Biology or ANTH 1013 Biological Anthropology

Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA in all of the 10 courses listed above.

NOTE: Most students will also be enrolled in Statistics. The statistics requirement may be taken prior or during SCWK 4073 Social Work Research/Technology I. There are University and College requirements for general education and the Social Work degree 36 in addition to those listed in Items 5 above. Consult your University Catalog, Social Work Student Handbook or your advisor if you have questions about these.

The above materials are submitted to the BSW Program Director. The materials are reviewed by BSW Admissions Committee. If the Admissions Committee has any questions concerning the content of the materials, the student may be asked to interview with a faculty member to resolve any questions or to provide additional information.

*Important Note:
There are resources on campus that will provide assistance with scanning and emailing when applying.
Here is a list of computer labs on campus. Each computer lab has support specialists on site that can assist with troubleshooting.

Application Materials:


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Contact Information:

For individuals seeking to be added to the BSW listserv please contact Kyle Prince. Otherwise, individuals seeking information about admission to the BSW Program, please review the information available on our site, the BSW Handbook, or contact:

Professor Betty Parker, BSW Program Director
HEI Program Coordinator