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Shauna Morimoto - Vice-Chair & Director of Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies

Lori Holyfield - Undergraduate Program Director

Undergraduate Program Director

Mindy Sue Engen - Director of Online Education

Director of Online Education


Christopher Shields - Internship Director

Internship Coordinator


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People Spotlight

Eric M. Heath - ALUMNI
BA and MA in Sociology | 2008 | Associate Vice President for the University of Chicago’s Department of Safety and Security
"I think the most important thing I have learned from the program is to always look at things from different perspectives."
Robert Wayne Mortenson - FACULTY
"Sociology caught my interest because of its broad based nature. From my perspective, sociology is a field that “touches” pretty much all other social sciences in some fashion. AND I had several friends who had pursued sociology. I really enjoy teaching Introduction to Sociology and Criminal Justice. The topics are inherently relevant to all students and the application to the “real world” are endless."

Whitney Frierson - GRADUATE  STUDENT
Whitney Frierson - GRADUATE  STUDENT
Major: MA in Sociology
Whitney's research interests include race, gender, sexuality, and culture. Her current research focuses on colorism in rap music.  Whitney received her B.A. from the University of Arkansas in sociology/African and African American Studies. After graduating with her M.A., she plans to pursue a doctorate in sociology.
Mattie Harris - Student
Major: Criminolog and Sociology
"Before college, I had always considered our legal system to be just; however, I learned through my courses at the University of Arkansas that this statement is extremely inaccurate. I hope to continue my degree at the masters level, where I plan on centering my research around the injustices procured through capital punishment."

 Logo of the Department of Sociology and Criminology


The purpose of the Department of Sociology and Criminology is to increase knowledge and promote positive social change through informing social policy and practice.


The mission is to produce and disseminate scientific knowledge to students, our peers, and the public through world-class education, research, and service. 


The vision of the Department is to became regional leader in sociology and criminology by 2025 by integrating and rewarding the diverse strengths of our faculty in teaching, research, and public service.



Student Success

Student Success

Excellence in research, teaching and service

Excellence in Research,
Teaching and Service

 Contributions to policy and practice

Contributions to
Policy and Practice

Collaboration and transparency

and Transparency

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion